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and are born with their eyes closed. They don't open their eyelids for about 10 to 12 days after birth. Rats also have a third or inner eyelid known as the nictitating membrane. Purpose: In ARVO , we showed that rat exorbital lacrimal glands have gastrin receptors. Might this also be true for the contents of their eyelids? In some adult rats, the openings appear as small white domes that are located close to the eyelid margin and are seen when the eyelids are everted manually. We then observed the morphological changes in the eyelid margin, and compared the data of tear breakup time (TBUT), Schirmer I test, and the. Gland Cells in Rats' Eyelids. Yael Olamia Gershom Zajicekb Michael Cogana Hadassah Gnessina. Jacob Pe'era. aDepartment of Ophthalmology, and bHumphrey. As in many altricial species, rats are born with fused eyelids and markedly underdeveloped eyes. While the normal histology of the eyes of. Rodents move their eyes in opposite directions, thereby always keeping an eye on the airspace above them. Twenty-eight Sprague-Dawley rats were used. The upper eyelid was externally compressed using a pair of magnets. One magnet was placed inside. Rat owners, at some point, notice red-brown tears staining the eyelids, nose and sometimes the front paws of their pet rats. This substance is always mistaken. the development of eyelids, formation of nictitating membranes, In rat embryos, congenital eye defects opening in newborn rats and mice (12).